Listen Up!

Last week, I spent a very pleasant evening on the phone chatting to Joanna Penn, who runs the award-winning Creative Penn website, about what creativity is, where to find it, why experimental literature matters, and why it isn’t the same as “difficult” literature (though I should have said more forcefully that there is absolutely nothing wrong when it is), why literature should be like art, why self-publishing is no longer as exciting as the world of the small press – and a whole lot more beside. And you can listen to (and even download, should that be your proclivity) a 42 minute podcast of the highlights here.

About 2/3 of the way through you will even notice I go particularly vague – which equate with the point when I thought Cassady had had a fit and rolled over and died and I had to go and pick him up and check he was awake, and then you’ll notice the relief when he turned out to be fine, just having a little spat with Kerouac. I should add that I am referring to two of my beautiful rats – I don’t keep reanimated Beat Poets at home.

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