In addition to the following, I am always willing to consider writing commissions, both for creative and non-fiction projects. I have been involved in some wonderful projects through such commissions, such as the Arts Council funded Penning Perfumes, and Illegitimate Objects, funded by the Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH).

Speaking and Presenting

I have been writing and talking about self-publishing and the literary underground as a journalist across the internet and in print, and as a speaker and conference panellist since 2009. My book Self-publish With Integrity is a distillation of those years of experience, and I would recommend that as a starting point for those wanting to find out my approach to self-publishing and the writing life. With a decade of teaching experience before I started self-publishing, I am an experienced, engaging, and inspirational speaker as well as an informative and, if necessary, controversial keynote speaker or panelist. My appearances have been as diverse as compering the 2011 PowWow Literary Festival in Birmingham, taking part in industry roundtables on self-publishing, speaking at the launch of the Alliance of Independent Authors at the 2012 London Book Fair, and hosting a conversation at Waterstones Piccadilly with two of the biggest stars of the literary underground, Tao Lin and Ben Brooks.


I offer developmental editing of poetry, where I have worked with Silverwood Books, and for literary fiction. I charge £4/1000 words for fiction with a £20 minimum charge. Rates for poetry on application depending on the project.

I have many years of proofreading experience, especially academic proofreading, specialising in the Humanities and Social Sciences. I charge £2/1000 words, and £3/1000 words for proofreading and basic line editing of articles written in English as a second language, again with a £20 minimum charge.


I have been performing at festivals, poetry slams, and other events since 2010. I have been a featured performer at Hammer and Tongue, am a Poetry on the Spot Player, and in March 2016 will be performing a commissioned adult fairytale at The Burton Taylor Studio in Oxford.


I run courses in Narrative Analysis, which teaches people working in various fields how to perform their day to day roles more effectively using techniques from creative writing. Sessions run for around one and a half hours and are intensive and highly interactive. I have run sessions for groups from the Royal Household to senior analysts in the Civil Service.


My rates for appearances

Please note that I am open to negotiation in special circumstances, but I always need to cover my expenses.

Travel expenses need to be paid. I will usually travel by bus or by train and will make every effort to travel by the cheapest means available. If I need to stay overnight, I will do so as cheaply as possible, but again that would need to be covered. In addition to these costs:

Delivering a workshop or instructional session, for which I will prepare and bring handouts, will cost £200 if I am able to travel within a single day. If I need to stay overnight, to cover travel time on the other day, £250.

Speaking at a conference or a festival on a single panel £100, or £150 if I need to stay overnight.

Delivering a keynote speech, or attending a conference for a whole day, making myself available during breaks £250, or £300 if I need to stay overnight. If I am there for a whole day or more, I am very happy also to provide a poetry performance.

In addition, I would ask that a space to sell my books is available, and that publicity mentions my books.

I am happy to provide an invoice in advance or on the day, but prompt payment is essential.

You can reach me at

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