My articles, reviews, and interviews on the web

Articles and Columns

I write a column on social media for writers for Words With Jam magazine (print and e) as well as occasionally blogging for them.
Every 16th of the month I blog at Authors Electric group blog
I write regular articles about literature and publishing on Year Zero and eight cuts
Listed in Mashable’s top 100 writers on twitter
Why it Matters that the Folio Prize is open to self-publishers on the Guardian
The Literary Landscape Needs Diversity: Futurebook let me talk about why we need small presses, self-publishers, and large publishers all working at what they do best
When Escapism isn’t What You Need: The Guardian Books Blog lets me talk about why sometimes when you are depressed you don’t always need escapism
Reading your Book Aloud – all my tips at The Creative Penn
Where Not to find Self-published gems: The Guardian Books Blog let me loose again, November 2012
Don’t Look For E-literature in Novels: piece for Guardian Books Blog, September 2012 on alt lit and why novels aren’t the place for writing about the web
Beyond the Valley of the Trolls: I talk about cyber-bullying, the arts and mental health at the fabulous For Books’ Sake
I got to write a piece about the resurgence of Beat Culture for the Spectator Arts Blog and a particular Beat-inspired event also for the Spectator Arts Blog.
I wrote an article about two very different takes on the limits of parental love, We Need to Talk About Beside the Sea for PANK
Why there is no single notion of “quality” in the self-publishing world, and why websites championing self-published work should stop pretending there is for the Alliance of Independent Authors
Overgrounding: on writers’ duty to champion great self-published work, for Self-publishing Advice Blog
Why Being Indie (for me) means never having a publisher on How to Self-publish successfully and The Passive Voice
I got to talk about my favourite bookstore, The Albion Beatnik, for Forbookssake
IndieIQ let me talk about writing pitches for Kindle
Mark Williams, international bestselling author of Sugar and Spice invited me to talk about how to approach reading aloud from sensitive material
We Need More Bad Books on Workshy Fop
Webfiction and live events: why they go together so well at 1889 labs
Slap Me in the Face at The Alliterative Allomorph

Reviews and Interviews:
Review of Less Than Zero for The Guardian’s Winter Reads
Interview with Julie  Enszer & review of her Handmade Love for PANK
Review of Craig Sernotti’s Forked Tongue for PANK
Review of Rob Sherman’s Valve Works for PANK
Interview with The Boxer Rebellion for The Indie Handbook
Article on Rabid Gravy and To The Moon for The Indie Handbook
Articles on Y-Not, The Candle Thieves, and Spiral Pitfall for The Indie Handbook
Dark Corners of the Land by Adelle Stripe for Sabotage Reviews and Metazen

I have also guest blogged:

On how the meaning of “indie” changed beyond recognition between 2009 & 2011, on Self-publishing Review
On the future of publishing and other literary related topics. You can find a long and much-tweeted about article “The Shape of Publishing to Come” in which I talk about where I see the publishing world in 10 years’ time on
Talking about all things indie publishing at IndieReader
You can also find me talking about “voice” on How Publishing Really Works.
On the importance of writers distinguishing a business plan from a marketing plan, and why I don’t use ISBNs at Self-publishing Review
On why every writer should quit thinking sales and go tell stories to a live audience at Indie Author Rockstars
On the unlikely topic of hard work and bad logic on How Publishing Really Works.
About the real reason why the free content debate matters to writers at Loudpoet.
Why Collectives need a Focus on novelr
I got to write for two of Suzanne Burke’s great series, on censorship and sex
On the importance of writers not moaning but getting out and doing something for rileymagnus
About some amazing projects devoted to preserving the world’s cultural heritage on Gumbo Writer
About how to use the Internet to push the form and substance of your fiction and discover new ways of writing, rather than simply promoting old ways, on the Aspiring Mangaka and Writers’ Club
A wonderfully fun writing exercise on 52 Weeks of Wordage
On when self-publishing isn’t a good idea for Patty Jansen’s great blog Beyond Infinity

About Me

Sometimes people are kind enough to write things about my books or my gigs
Featured on the Alliance of Independent Authors blog as a “super successful indie author”
For Books’ Sake let me have a Five-minute Friday slot
Roz Morris allowed me to talk about the role music plays in my writing
Hersilia Press asked me all kinds of fabulous questions about writing, wine & food
Chila Woycik let me talk about my publishing startegy here and here
India Drummond let me talk about why I leapt from literary fiction to paranormal romance
Nicola Morgan leant me a soapbox to rant about how it sucks that looks matter for new writers
Bestsellers Allan Guthrie and Jake Barton were kind enough to talk to me about writing thrillers
Discounderworld wrote about Year Zero, self-publishing, and me
ergofiction let me explain why at Year Zero we don’t write books
On Rileymagnus I got to write about the importance of getting out and doing something
Interview about Year Zero with Dan Holloway on Emprise Review literary mag
Mari Randomities interviewed me about eight cuts gallery press
Writers’ Digest let me let loose about art and literature
Authonomy interviewed me about the eight cuts gallery press

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