Black Heart High

cover design Sessha Batto

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In life he was her strength. In death she must be his.

Street artist Spark and dreamer Kayla are outsiders wherever they go: in their new home city of Oxford, at home, and at school. They made a promise to keep each other safe. Whatever.

3 Years of bullying and abuse later, Spark’s body is falling apart from self-harm and addiction  when a brutal attack by classmates leaves Kayla unconscious and Spark half dead.

Now Kayla is about to find out what “whatever” means.

In a desperate bid to keep him alive, she steals a teacher’s car, straps Spark into the passenger seat, cuts a deal with his dealer, and runs.

When they end up at the Forgotten and Alone Club in London’s underworld, it feels like they’ve found a home at last. But it soon becomes clear that it’s too late for Spark, that their past is closing in, and that there is something very wrong about their new friends. And the way they look at Kayla.

6 thoughts on “Black Heart High

  1. Love the idea.

    So much new YA stuff out there, and much of it suited to a much wider and more “mature” audience too.

    Beginning to miss the old days when books were on paper. At least then you could only afford one or two new books a month, so learned to ration your reading.

    How’s a writer supposed to find time to write with so much new stuff coming out at sensible prices?

    There’s a lot to be said for a twenty quid hardback…

    • Mark,
      So true. And not just so much fiction, so much GOOD fiction. Add to that my love of movies and the only time left to write is overnight. Loving fiction is like inhaling soup, and then lack of sleep means fiction and reality start to blur. Ah well. It’s cheaper than drugs.

  2. Posted small stones to my standinginspiteofmyself blog. Having difficulty posting to my slatersrant at wordpress. However I did figure out how to send a small stone to the wedding party in question! 🙂 Done!

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