Gifted, Talented, and Mental: Two Survivors’ Stories

An honour to coordinate with Jo on this. What was it like growing up gifted and mentally ill in the UK? Not a barrel of laughs thanks to the lack of support in the education system

Dr. Jo Edge

Co-written with Dan Holloway (@agnieszkasshoes), founder of Rogue Interrobang

This is a long read, because there is no way for either of us to tell our stories in a brief or condensed way. We are about the same age; from a generation before the ‘Gifted and Talented’ scheme was introduced in the state education system in 2002. Both of us suffered at what best can be described as neglect at the hands of our teachers and educational psychologists, beginning in primary school. Neither of us will ever have closure, or even a simple apology; and we don’t really understand the circumstances that led to us both being moved up a year in school. We don’t have the language to really describe what happened, and we’re hoping that by telling our stories, we’ll open a dialogue on the topic.


Youth Club age maybe 15: you can see the…

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