Evie and Guy

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Coming on March 22nd. Completely reedited and reformatted. Possibly the most original book you will ever read.

cover image © Leanne Bridgewater

“if you persevere with this strange epic, the discrepancies and coincidences you uncover, hidden by the veneer of alienating digits, result in an absolutely gripping, brow-furrowing, heart-stopping experience, as each subjective mind tentatively formulates its own plot-line.” (Dust to Dust)

Evie and Guy: a novel with no words.

When we tell the story of a relationship, we, and it, are judged by what we omit. By design, by ignorance, or just because there are only so many pages and so much time, the blank spaces tell a story every bit as true, as rich, and as important as the print marks meandering through them. Acknowledging that truth, Evie and Guy is the history of a relationship told through the white space of the protagonists’ most solitary act. It comprises simply the dates, times, and duration in seconds (bracketed where the act was interrupted or unclimactic) of every act of masturbation in their lives.


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7 thoughts on “Evie and Guy

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  5. Wow.

    When I first heard about this book, I was dubious about the concept of a novel without words, and possibly even more so once I had read your introductory explanation of what the numbers mean. But this is amazing. I laughed, I cried, and I will definitely be reading again – I can just see that there’s so much more to discover than the most obvious things I spotted first time round.

    Thank you.

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