Self-publish with Integrity: Define Success in Your Own Terms and Then Achieve It

spi cover draft 10(available for Kindle in the UK for £1.88 and in the US for $2.99 as well as in all other Amazon territories)

Now available as a paperback for £5.99 here

Write the books that you want to write, the very best that you can write them, and build a community of loyal readers without doing anything you’re not happy doing.

“A beacon for literary values in a commercial age” (Alliance of Independent Authors)

“Dan Holloway is something of a phenomenon: poet, novelist, publisher, commentator, event organiser and promoter; there isn’t much connected with literature that he doesn’t do, and do with gusto and a probing desire to experiment.” Sabotage Reviews

As self-publishing becomes ever more popular, it is increasingly hard to maintain a steady compass as you navigate your way through the rapidly expanding world of blogs and how to books.

In this book, Dan shares experience that has seen him perform his writing in some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, become a sought after conference speaker, award-winning poet and novelist, host of a touring spoken word show that has played to sell-out crowds across the UK, and organiser of a successful literary festival about to celebrate its fifth year – and still stay true to the reason he started writing in the first place. And teaches you the principles that will enable you to maintain the passion for your writing throughout a long writing life, and one characterised by success as defined by the only person who truly matters: you.

Since he founded the Year Zero Writers collective in January 2009, Dan Holloway has been a leading figure in the self-publishing community. Winner of the international spoken word phenomenon Literary Death Match whilst the only self-published author competing; writing the guidebook for the Alliance of Independent Authors’ Open Up to Indies campaign; writing about the very best of self-publishing across the internet including contributing regularly to the Guardian Books Blog, Dan has built a reputation for refusing to compromise his artistic principles for short term commercial success.

Chapter Titles

1. The Pressure to “Succeed”

2. Why Do You Write?

3. Is Self-publishing Right for You?

4. Never be afraid to be you

5. Dealing With Self-Doubt

6. Dealing With Self-Belief

7. Handling Praise

8. Producing Your Book: Picking the Right Partners

9. Building a community

10. The Whites of Their Eyes: Giving Great Readings

11. The Long Haul

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