Running for Hero Rats

It’s been more than 6 months since I rowed what turned out to be 108 kilometres at Oxford University Club Gym on September 20th 2014. Since then, I have diverted my physical attention to running, with the aim of pushing myself to and beyond my body’s and my mind’s endurance limits. Below is a list of my forthcoming races. I am not being “sponsored” as such for any of them, but if there are people who would like to sponsor me for any of these endeavours, please click here to donate to Apopo through my justgiving page.

Milton Keynes Marathon – 4 May 2015
Race to the Stones – 100 kilometres along the Ridgeway – 11-12 July 2015
Severn Bridge Half Marathon – 30 August 2015
Snowdonia Marathon – 24 October 2015

You can read here about my passion for extreme endurance. You will also find many posts on this website’s blog by wonderful athletes in all fields.

APOPO is a wonderful charity that trains rats to sniff out landmines and detect tuberculosis. The superstar rodents who are helping, under the care of their lovely human trainers, to eradicate two of the biggest problems facing large parts of the world today, really are heroes,

apopo mines 1

and anything that can be done to support their brilliant work is hugely appreciated. What I’m doing is a challenge, and I’ll get a great sense of achievement out of it, but nothing like the sense of achievement if just one of you who thinks it’s cool and can afford a few pounds were to give something to this wonderful cause

apopo feeding

so please visit APOPO’s giving page and give what you can.

Images courtesy of APOPO, © Eric Nathan, © Xavier Rossi.

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