My Books

This is where you can get hold of all my books in their various formats. Do click through to their pages for more information and reviews.

Click the book titles for links to their pages or click the buy now link to go straight to where you can download the ebook or buy the paperback. If you are in Oxford, please buy my books from the Albion Beatnik Bookstore. As soon as they have a fully operational website, you can buy them from there wherever you’re based.

The Transparency of Sutures (Buy ebook now for £0.99)
(life:) razorblades included  (buy paperback now for £5)
i cannot bring myself to look at walls in case you have graffitied them with love poetry (download ebook for free)

Evie and Guy (download ebook for free) (buy paperback for £6.99)
Songs from the Other Side of the Wall (buy ebook in all formats now for $2.99) (download a free pdf here) (buy paperback now for £7.98)
Black Heart High (buy ebook now for $0.99)
The Company of Fellows (Buy ebook now for £1.99)

Short Stories
Ode to Jouissance (buy ebook now for £0.99)

Self-publish With Integrity (Download ebook for £2.20)

Writing as Dani Ko
Dreaming Spires
An Oxford Christmas

5 thoughts on “My Books

  1. ooh, happy reading! I just daren’t – I have the app on my netbook in case a book I really want to read is only on Kindle but if I had one I could carry everywhere I’d go one-click happy!

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