The Platinum Raven

Rohan Quine is one of the most brillinat and original writers around. His The Imagination Thief blended written and spoken word and visuals to create one of the most haunting and complex explorations of the dark corners of the soul you will ever read. Never one to do something simple when something more complex can build up teh layers more beautifully, he is back with a collection of 4 seamlessly interwoven novellas. They are available as one paperback, The Platinum Raven and Other Novellas, or as four separate ebooks (clcik the pics for links).

Rohan pback

I will be talking to Rohan about the books in the coming weeks, but for now suffice to say he is the consummate master of sentencecraft. His prose is a warming sea on which to float and luxuriate. But that is only half of teh picture. He has a remarkable insight into the human psyche, and he demonstrates it by lacquering layer on layer of subtle observation and nuance. Allow yourself to slip from the slick surface of the water and you will soon find yourself tangled in a very deep and disturbing world, but the dangers that lurk beneath the surface are so enticing, so intoxicating it is impossible to resist their call.

The Platinum Raven

rohan pr

Apricot Eyes

Rohan Apricot

Hallucination in Hong Kong

Rohan Hallucination

Host in the Attic

Rohan Host

All covers designed by the very talented J D Smith.

2 thoughts on “The Platinum Raven

  1. I’m a lucky boy that we have Dan in the land, to slip so sharply through that slick surface and into such receptive and intelligent entanglement in those abysses. It’s a pleasure to be in accomplished company on this blog – and it’s almost uncanny how Dan manages to read so widely and deeply while also producing so much rich output himself on many platforms, in the absence of either (1) a harem of luscious pouting assistants and an army of literary screamers and preeners to help him out, and/or (2) a private income … but I guess we’ll all just have to keep pondering this, as one of life’s more benign mysteries!

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