Jedward Make Me Happy

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It’s one of the things that many people don’t know about me, and would never guess, that I am endlessly fascinated and delighted by Jedward. So when they turned up filming in Oxford today and I dashed out of the office and actually got to see them in the flesh, it felt like I’d ticked something rather wonderful off my bucket list. And, in a bid to become the poet laureate of Jedward, I thought I’d write a poem.

Jedward Make Me Happy

Jedward make me happy.
Some friends thing I’m dappy
and others think I’m sappy
but I don’t care
if they stare or glare
or call me square
because Jedward make me happy.
Not it’s rather nice it’s sunny happy
nor fluffy bunny
nor down the sofa I found some money happy
and not I think that’s kind of funny happy
but heart lightened
darkness frightened
horizons brightened
with a hope that paints the sky from side to side.
There’s a place for introspection
retrospection, deep reflection.
There’s a place for troubles, trials, politics and guile,
but there’s also space for things that simply make you smile.
So if you find their words too rappy
or their music makes your toes too tappy
I don’t care
if you stare or glare
or fail to find the wonder in their hair
because Jedward make me happy.

15 thoughts on “Jedward Make Me Happy

    • there certainly is – there’s as much energy from them in person if not more as there is on screen. They were at Oxford University Press all day – can’t wait to see the episode to see what they got up to!

  1. Aww that’s lovely Dan 🙂 Hope they continue to make you happy just like they make so many of us happy as well.

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