Coming in 2012

Yes, it’s the same title as the current eight cuts gallery exhibition but it’s a title I really really like. This year, I enjoyed writing the young adult book Black Heart High so much I decided to do it again, so my first book of 2012 will be this dark, lyrical piece of young adult urban fantasy. Huge thanks to the wonderful Kate Madigan for the fabulous cover.

Anticipated release March 1st.

When Steph’s estranged brother Simon is killed in a hit and run, she finds amongst his things a suicide note from Alice, the best friend she thought had died from an overdose, and begins having recurring dreams in which she plays the violin with an orchestra of the dead.

As her grip on reality loosens, Steph locks herself away in her brother’s flat, emerging only under cover of darkness to take lessons in the violin from the mysterious Professor Szabo. She takes to the instrument so naturally it feels as though she’s been playing all her life, and she begins to believe the notes themselves can tell her the secret Alice and Simon were keeping from her. If only she could play just a little better. With a little more…soul.


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