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“Dan Holloway is something of a phenomenon: poet, novelist, publisher, commentator, event organiser and promoter; there isn’t much connected with literature that he doesn’t do, and do with gusto and a probing desire to experiment.” Sabotage Reviews

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My writing is based on some very simple ideas

  • Art can, and should try to, change the world.
  • Art should tell the truth, the artist’s truth, scraped from the deepest place inside them
  • There are too many “good” books already. We shouldn’t add to the number.
  • Everything is political, and nothing more so than mealy-mouthed writers claiming they aren’t political.
  • Great writing doesn’t think outside the box. It never knew what the box was in the first place.
  • Every life is precious and unique, and has the right to be told, and heard, in its own voice.
  • It is better to try to be extraordinary and fail than to try to be ordinary and succeed.
  • Art should be free wherever possible, but those who have been moved by it and can afford to do so should pay for it – so, if you have enjoyed some of my work that I am delighted to share for free, and encourage you to share for free, I ask you to consider donating what you consider to be a fair amount by Paypalling songsfromtheothersideofthewall@googlemail.com Thank you

spi cover draft 10Retain the passion for your writing throughout your self-publishing journey by learning to define success in terms of your own personal dreams for your writing. Click the cover above to buy Self-publish with Integrity for your Kindle

Imagine a Hannibal Lecter novel set in Oxford University. Bestselling dark psychological thriller The Company of Fellows, voted “favourite Oxford novel” by Blackwell’s readers, is available now for Kindle. Just click the cover below


You can now buy Evie and Guy and my poetry direct from my online store. Click here.
cover for ebook “inspirational” “genius” “the best thing I have ever read” – just some of the comments about Evie and Guy, published by 79 rat press, a novel written entirely without words (if you don’t want to click through to find it, download it free by clicking here).

“captures the rhythms and nuances of how we live now in a way that has rarely been done better” LA Books Examiner about the novel “Songs from the Other Side of the Wall”


Songs From The Other Side Of The Wall is now available as a free download. Just click the picture or here.

book 1 cover

I write literary erotica set in Oxford University under the name of Dani Ko. Click the cover above for part one.

“His latest chapbook of poems and short prose pieces, i cannot bring myself to look at walls in case you have graffitied them with love poetry, exemplifies much of this seemingly boundless energy…Dan Holloway is a writer of great gifts” Sabotage Reviews

Many of my books are available digitally as free downloads, and I’m working on making them all free. Most of them are available as paperbacks to buy. Click Evie and Guy’s cover to find them.

portrait insert

“romantic paeans to hedonism, tinged with sadness” (Writeoutloud)

You will find me performing poetry and short stories, and occasionally my show Some of These Things Are Beautiful, a memory of lost friendships, all over the place. Click the picture to find me.

NL jpeg

“a brilliant night” (For Books’ Sake)

My touring troupe of troubadours The New Libertines has been delighting crowds since summer 2011. Our spoken word events, crafted like the best albums and adhering to the principle of “no headline acts, no support”, offer light in dark corners, desire in the face of boredom, despair hidden beneath the underskirts of affluence.

lilith_event1I have been gigging, blogging, reviewing, and generally causing mayhem in the name of getting more light on great literature and less light on “more of the same old same old good books” since 2009. You can find links to the whole kit and caboodle right here.

9 thoughts on “dan holloway

  1. Hey Dan…good to read you. It’s been years since we have each other, but last year I finally finished “A Kapitany”. This summer it is slated for publication. Though…..I have now published 4 books mostly of poetry (with one novella (The Zar Tales) in that bunch. This week, I found out that Createspace is publishing my newest: “Pitcher of Moon”. Glad that you are still on earth….many aren’t.

  2. Hi Dan, I too write poems, fiction, & non-fiction. My books have been self published on LULU and now on Amazon should you be interested. I am about to publish “The Real You” thru Amazon. I am looking forward reading a lot of your work.
    Regards Stoney Stonebraker

  3. Hi Dan,

    Absolutely love ‘evie and guy’ – you did in fact achieve what you wanted – what a unique and innovative way of telling a story – massive thumbs up! Super inspired

  4. Hi dan,

    Love your quote “It is better to try to be extraordinary and fail than to try to be ordinary and succeed.”

    Im trying my best to achieve something extraordinary.

    I am looking for someone to review my book Mode Of Living. The ebook is a non-fiction, esoteric, occult, metaphysics, scientific, mind, body, spirit, self help book. A guidebook for attaining personal perfection and individuality. What I describe as the first manual for taking care of both the material and immaterial aspects of the human being. My site http://www.modeofliving.com gives you a fuller understanding of what the book is about.

    I will send a copy for a quality review with quality feedback.

    Thanks a bunch!

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